Legal Services

Legal Services

Having many years of practice PDS have acquired the skill and understanding which allows them to provide a comprehensive and detailed mapping with all the supplementary services. PDS have a strong reputation for the providing of services required for property definition and transfer for both commercial and residential developments.

A summary of the services PDS provide is given below.

Property Registration Mapping

PDS will prepare title maps in accordance with the requirements of the Property Registration Authority or Land Registry

Create maps for initially registering existing unregistered property

Initially creating map for the individual registration of properties recorded in the Registry of Deeds, under Compulsory First Registration legislation

Original Registration Mapping for land rezoning:

Initial registration of a new property or apartments
Recording maps for rights of way / wayleaves etc.
Create maps for new scheme
Create maps new multi-storey schemes

MUD Maps

Create maps for the transfer of common areas to management companies as required by the Multi-User Developments (MUD) Act.

Defining Existing Boundaries
Creating New Boundaries

PDS will create a map clearly defining the boundaries on the ground as identified by title deed maps thereby enabling clients by accurately and factually clarifying both title deed maps and the actual physical boundaries on a site.

PDS will create a precise and exact map setting out the new boundaries on the ground where lands are to be divided.

Disputed Boundaries
Rights Of Way

PDS will carry out an objective review of all deeds, documents, maps etc. relating to a disputed boundary, right of way or whatever and will furnish an knowledgeable and specialist account of their findings.

PDS will assist in resolving boundary issues. PDS can give you support and assistance either through conciliation / arbitration or at the courts.

PDS will create a map to complement a registered boundary agreement, which may have to be lodged with the Land Registry

Lease Plans
PDS will create a map and floor plans of actual net area which may be leased in a commercial unit to enhance the  legal lease agreements.

Land Areas
PDS will provide a map measurement and certification of lands for sale in rural and urban regions. We  can act on behalf of the vendor or purchaser.

Historic Map Records Plans
PDS will create a map superimposing historic deed maps etc. onto current Digital Ordnance Survey mapping for comparison.

Updating old title deed maps of properties to digital format acceptable to the Land Registry.

Single Farm Payments
Disadvantaged Area Mapping
PDS will provide a map with the area measurement which the  Department of Agriculture require as acceptable maps for the application of Single Farm Payments and the Disadvantaged Area Scheme.

PDS will create mapping for sub-dividing of land or share-farming agreements.


  1. Solicitors
  2. Private property owners
  3. Corporate property owners
  4. Receivers & Liquidators


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